Why Local?

Do you know all the wonderful treasures that exist within a few miles of your home? 

Right now you are only a short distance away from fantastic food, unique shops, excellent cultural experiences, and meaningful volunteer opportunities that enhance the lives of those living around you.  It is sometimes easy to forget the importance of spending your time and money locally.  However, by enjoying local businesses and taking part in local events and volunteer opportunities, you ensure that your community thrives even in tough economic times.

Perhaps you’ve heard someone talk about the amazing shop they just happened to wander in to and wished you had the same luck at finding local gems.  Perhaps you want to give to others through volunteerism but hesitate because you do not know how to begin finding something that fits your passions.  Perhaps you want to partake in the wide variety of events and cultural offerings but get intimidated by all the options.

You are in the right place.  Here at Leah Loves Local, my goal is to connect you with the wonders of your own backyard by highlighting some of the marvelous shops, restaurants, events, opportunities, and people that exist around you.  Sharing local goodness while building community is what Leah Loves Local is all about.

Connect with Leah Loves Local on Facebook to share your own local recommendations.

Contact Leah via email if you have a business, community organization, or upcoming event that you would like featured on Leah Loves Local.  Her email address is: leahsenona@gmail.com.

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