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This will be my last LLL post for 2011 since I will be traveling and enjoying the last of the busy holiday season with my friends and family.  I plan on having many local adventures, though, between now and my first 2012 post so I will have more wonderful local treasures to share with you in January.  I will still be sharing local tidbits on the LLL Facebook, so be sure to like the page to stay in touch.

Before I sign off for a couple weeks, though, I want to leave you with a few local organizations that could benefit from some tangible Christmas cheer this year.  I hope you will consider giving a gift to these amazing organizations that do so much to benefit our local community.

Pendleton Place Children’s Shelter:

Many abused and neglected children have found love, comfort, safety, and a place to beginning the healing process at Pendleton Place Children’s Shelter after being removed from their homes by DSS.  The staff here cares deeply for the children and nurtures each one from the moment they step in the door.  Pendleton Place Children’s Shelter tries to provide the children and teenagers in their care with as many “normal” childhood experiences as possible.  They need the assistance and support of the community to do that.  Whether it is providing the items on a child’s Christmas wishlist or planning a fun field trip or party, Pendleton Place Children’s Shelter relies on the generosity of community  members to keep providing excellent, loving care to children who need it most.  Visit the website or Facebook page to find out how you can help.

Project Host:

If you’re reading this right now, chances are that you have a warm home and plenty to eat.  There are many in Greenville who are not so fortunate.  Project Host seeks to help the hungry in the community by providing a nutritious, fulfilling meal each day to anyone in need.  Beyond meal provision, Project Host is home to a culinary school that trains unemployed/underemployed individuals in culinary arts in order to give them an opportunity to gain steady employment.  Driving down Academy Street it is easy to miss the nondescript building that houses this wonderful organization but, for those in need, this organization is an oasis in the midst of a difficult and lonely journey.  To find out how you can help Project Host continue to perform these much-needed services for some of our neighbors, visit the website or Facebook page.

Meals on Wheels of Greenville:

For many home-bound individuals, the deliveries from Meals on Wheels mean more than just a nutritious meal.  A delivery from Meals on Wheels means a visit from someone who cares about them and a connection with a world in which they can no longer freely move about.  Meals on Wheels of Greenville is supported in its entirety by the generosity of the community through individual and group donations.  Everything from the packaging of the meals to the handing out of routes and the delivery of the meals is done by volunteers.  Visit the website or Facebook page to discover ways you can help continue this vital service to home-bound members of our community.

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Loving Local

The 3/50 Project

Since beginning this website, I have had many opportunities to converse with others about the importance of supporting one’s local community.  People are quick to ask me how I make an income with this site and most are surprised when I tell them that I do not get any income at from it.  One man even asked me why I put in all the time and effort each week if there is not a paycheck at the end of a post.  I told him the truth.  I simply love my local community.

To me, each local shop or restaurant is a physical manifestation of the dreams and determination inside my neighbors.  The charitable organizations in the community are made up of people trying to impart strength, resources, and knowledge to others and doing their best to build a strong, vital, and healthy community.  Local events are ways for people to truly connect with each other and make offline friends.  Attending a performance at a local theatre or listening to a band play at a local venue is more than just entertainment to me.  It is a way for me to support and encourage the dreams and hard work of my fellow community members.

Loving local is more than just a catchphrase to me.  It is a lifestyle based on the idea the best way to occupy Wall Street is to buy from the stores on Main Street.  The best way to build community is to engage in the community.  The best way to grow is to have strong roots.  This week I encourage you to check out the 3/50 Project and show your love to a few of the many fantastic local offerings in the Upstate.

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