People Watching: Daniel McCord

Daniel McCord

“I wonder what making movies is like.”  This is the thought that launched Daniel McCord into the world of film-making.  Originally from Abbeville, SC, Daniel moved to Greenville six years ago to work at Michelin after studying mechanical engineering at Clemson.  He is a man who believes you can never know all that you are good at unless you keep trying something new.  His propensity for constantly learning and experimenting in his own life explains how one man can be good at so many things.  He is a musician with a love for cooking and craft beer who also designs and prints hand-stenciled t-shirts all while sharing his passion for photography and film with the Greenville community.  And he’s a fascinating conversationalist.

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun – Oh Black Gold (acoustic) from Daniel McCord on Vimeo.

The journey from engineer to artist began in Daniel’s sophomore year of college when he bought his first camera and began experimenting with still photography.  Now, he has multiple music videos and short films under his belt.  In his still photography and film, Daniel’s work is striking thanks to his gift for capturing the art of ordinary life.  His sense of adventure and learn-by-doing mentality over the intervening years has led him from the starting place of wonderment to the 12 in 2012 project.

12 in 2012 is a short film project that presents the art, beauty, and humanity in both the exciting and mundane.  Every month in 2012 will bring a new short film from Daniel in which he shares a glimpse into a life, event, or job that most of his viewers would not think to explore on their own.  He opens new worlds to the viewers and does so with unique passion and skill.

Through the Kickstarter website, those of us in the Upstate who appreciate the passion and purpose of artists like Daniel have the opportunity to support the 12 in 2012 project.  He is raising funds for this unconventional project through February 29th.  I hope you will join me in supporting Daniel and his passion for excellent filmmaking.

Interested in learning more about Daniel or his work?  Visit his website or his Vimeo page to see his talent in action or stop in to chat with him during one of his shifts at The Community Tap.  Want to support the 12 in 2012 film project?  Visit Kickstarter and pledge your support today.

Kickstarter Pledge Video from Daniel McCord on Vimeo.

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